The Wisdom of the Trees... / by Kristine Pregot

There is a huge resurgence happening right now on this planet and it can no longer be ignored.   Our planet & it’s people (along with the plants & trees) are speaking up! 

The political climate and radical protests happening right now is showing us a large shift in energy happening on this planet.  It’s no longer an option to ignore this.

Now, more than ever it is time to start to ‘normalize’ the holistic & healing arts.  Basic self care & working with innate wisdom of nature is vital in this time that is filled with what can feel like dismal despair.

In my weekly aromatherapy class we go deep with an oil.  I guide students to connect with the ‘essence’ of the ‘essential oil’.   That is in fact why we call them essential oils.  They are the essence of the plant, tree, flower or grass.  We are merging souls with this plant, they are giving us their prana;  And the plants and trees could not be happier to connect.

Our plant, tree, flower sisters have been on the planet long before humans.  And they certainly have a lot to teach us & are ready for us humans to listen to them.  When working with essential oils, please do your research to make sure, they are 100% pure, coming from a fairly paid farm and has high quality bottling practices, so you can be sure of the quality of the essence.  I work with ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ oils, as I know every drop is filled with pure integrity.  They are all bottled by hand and each farm is visited & deals directly with the owner of the company

Here is a simple meditation for you, with simple ‘earthing’ techniques that will expand your intuition and help you to feel grounded and deeply connected to this planet.   This is a powerful practice if you feel stuck, confused, angry, unfocused & have no idea what to do next:


Meditation to Receive the Wisdom from the Trees:


1.     Go for a walk, where you will find ample trees.


2.     Breathe in the fresh air& feel gratitude for the trees for providing you with that fresh air.


3.     Notice the trees around you, and find one that beckons you.


4.     Approach the tree & ask permission to communicate.   (Anoint yourself with a scared essential oil of your choice)


5.     Sit in front of the tree.   Apply your left hand back of the hand covering your sacrum/ palm touching the base of the tree & your right hand on your heart.


6.      Allow your self to just sit & be with the tree for a few moments.   Clear your mind & focus on your breath.  Slow deep inhales & exhales.


7.     When you are ready and your mind is clear.  Ask the tree for advice / ask the tree, what you need to know. 


8.     Listen with your heart.   Trust what you hear.


9.     Thank the tree.  Give her a hug & kiss.


10.  Journal your experience.   (Please share with this community if you feel called.  I am sure the profound message will help us all).




I am looking forward to hearing about your experience.  If you are in New York City, please come to my weekly aromatherapy class, or drop me a line @