Mike Ryan  

Is your body as relaxed as it could be? Feeling those knots in your back and neck? Do you have areas of tension that just won't let go? Mike approaches each client with the belief that dis-ease in the body is a result of stuck energy. Thai bodywork is an ideal way to facilitate energy flow in the body, allowing healing, pain relief, blood circulation, and deep relaxation to take place. Mike studied Thai bodywork under International teacher Ananda Apfelbaum in New York City. He has also completed Syama and Dhyana Masla's 200 hour Hatha yoga teacher training at Stanton Street Yoga in NYC. Most recently, Mike received certification in the practice of Yoga Nidra. Each Thai bodywork session is tailored to the client's specific wants and needs. Mike may weave in yoga principles, chakra work, reiki, and Nidra into his sessions when appropriate.

Mike has a four year personal history of struggling with chronic back pain after injuring himself as a teenage basketball player. He tried the western approach first, had numerous doctor visits, physical therapy and chiropractor appointments. He tried MRI's, X-Rays, a couple of steroid injections and pain medicine. The emotional and mental toll of his injury and the loss of independence to do simple daily tasks during his college years sent him on a journey through depression and anxiety, which eventually led to an identity crisis. At this point Mike decided to take a different approach to his pain and started to educate himself in holistic healing practices, nutrition, and eastern medicine. Mike's support team now consisted of eastern healers including bodywork, acupuncture, yoga and reiki. With the help and encouragement of these healers he began working on himself from the inside out.

As the pain slowly faded away and stagnant energy began to clear, Mike regained normal movement in his body. He became increasingly fascinated with how emotions, stress, anxiety and diet play a role in physical pain. By now his yoga and meditation practice became a daily ritual as he dove deeper into holistic health. It was during a solo backpacking trip across Central and South America where he was introduced to Thai bodywork. Upon his return to NYC he found his teacher and began the training.



Cancellation Policy

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