Lilli Markle

Lilli has been practicing yoga for over 8 years. A registered Yoga  Alliance 200 hour Yoga Teacher, Level I iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation instructor, LIMS® student, and certified Thai-Yoga Bodywork

Practitioner by trade, and artist by nature, she hopes to empower her students through awareness of the body and its relationship to the fluctuations of the mind and of life’s changing tides. With Lilli’s somatic knowledge, you will find yourself in a light-hearted, yet grounded, electric practice where strength meets openness with an emphasis on creative/intuitive sequences and therapeutic alignment. Her precise anatomical and energetic cuing and gentle hands-on approach will  challenge you to inquire beyond the physical practice, laying foundations for intentional work off the mat.

By introducing other yogic techniques such as meditation, bandhas  (energetic locks or seals), and breathing exercises, students under Lilli’s guidance will feel open, balanced, calm, and inspired to be able to:

• heal themselves and achieve their mind-body goals

• access deep places of the psyche or consciousness

• develop a unique ritual for personal practice


Offerings & Rates: 

Private Yoga / Meditation -   $150 / Hour for an individual

Individualized Class -  $175 / Hour  for a joint lesson  (You + up to 6  friends/co-workers/significant other, etc) 

Thai Yoga Massage - $ 175 / Hour for an individual


Above rates do not include space rental at yoga studios, we work with yoga studios all around New York City, in almost every neighborhood. 


Cancellation Policy

 24-hour cancellation policy:

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid being charged.