Abdiel Vivancos

Beginning his daily meditation practice after settling in New York City, Abdiel experienced a great awakening to a peace born from within. He has spoken and taught his Silent Sound Meditation technique at Education Institutions, Consciousness Events, and Community Fundraisers. Upon completing Vinyasa Yoga training, Abdiel founded a donation-based community yoga practice in the heart of Central Park by the name of Yoga in Strawberry Fields. He offers a Vinyasa practice that is as much a moving meditation as it is a dynamic workout. This practice sees the breath as a vehicle for movement, the poses as explorations rather than destinations, and the mind as a channel for compassionate concentration. As active and vigorous a Vinyasa Flow is, the essence of its sequential repetition and spiraling simplicity is the peace born from within. Teachings are open to all ages and levels of experience interested in deepening their practice and exploring the unification of breath, body, and mind. 

Offerings & Rates: 

Private Yoga / Meditation -   $150 / hour for an individual

Individualized Class -  $175 /hour  for a joint lesson  (You + up to 6  friends/co-workers/significant other, etc) 


Above rates do not include space rental at yoga studios, we work with yoga studios all around New York City, in almost every neighborhood. 


Cancellation Policy

 24-hour cancellation policy:

Lessons must be cancelled at least 24 hours before your appointment time to avoid being charged.