We Encourage YOU to :

  • Dedicate time to yourself
  • Spend more time with people you love,  customize a class
  • Cut out the commute to a crowded studio
  • Treat yourself to our devoted attention for your own total transformation. 
  • Try one of our signature holistic healing offerings  for an in-home total spa experience. 

Yogi Concierge is a boutique wellness agency.  

We have hand selected our Yoga Teachers & Healers who come directly to you.

 We are passionate about the transformational power of Yoga & holistic healing.  

Yoga means UNION, a connection of the mind, body & soul.    We believe strongly in the power of human connection.   

We are passionate about supplying clients with tools to release stress, build concentration and physical strength.    

We strive to help our clients to reconnect to themselves – reaching for a blissful state of  healing and to transform the evolution of human consciousness.   

We want to ensure that our clients have an amazing experience, with every session.