Wisdom of the Earth


We are very proud to exclusively use  Wisdom of the Earth essential oils.   

    WOTE offers Only Pure, Medicinal-grade Essences.   No Carrier Oil Dilutions, No Additives or Subtractives. 

& All Our Aromatherapists are medicinally trained.   

Our essences are exactly as they come from the plant or tree…nothing added, nothing subtracted. We do not add carrier oils, nor do we remove any of the chemical constituents that make up a complete, whole individual essence.  We believe that the oils are most powerful when they are in their chemical integrity.

The only exception to this are the “Absolutes” – essences produced via chemical extraction.  Most Absolutes are flower blossom essences such as Jasmine or Tuberose, and represent only about 5% of our entire line of essential oils.  When Absolutes are produced for therapeutic purpose (versus, for example, perfume), the chemical extractant is filtered out so that the PPMs (Parts Per Million) remaining meet a medicinal standard.  Any essence in this category is clearly marked Absolute on the front of the label.

We Offer Only “Single” Essences - No Blends


In a world filled with man-made blends for everything from arthritis to skincare, we honor the incredibly complex blend that each single essence already represents…a dynamic blend created by Mother Earth, which reflects the living chemistry of each plant or tree in a delicate, but powerful, balance.

While we use the oils in combination via the “layering” of two or more single essences at the time of application, we do not subscribe to the concept of pre-mixed blends.  I was thrilled, one day while meditating, to be shown the rainbow, in all its beauty, as Nature’s symbol of, and affirmation of, our approach of layering single essences that we wish to use together in a treatment, versus pre-mixing them and using them in a blend.


We Offer Over 260 + Single Ingredient, Pure, Hand-Poured Essential Oils Imported from farmers all over the world.  

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