Restorative Aromatherapy


This deeply healing session  is a merging of the therapeutic properties of medicinal plant essences and the deeply healing benefits of Restorative Yoga.

We will anoint you with a pure plant or tree essence or  plant on specific points of your body that are known to restore harmony and wellness on a cellular level.  These very natural plant essences integrate with our body's natural rhythm perfectly.

We will melt our body into deeply restorative yoga poses while bringing our focus to breathing and use creative visualization techniques to guide us into a deeper connection with ourselves & the planet.

We are passionate about our deep connection to the planet.  This is why we work the the most powerful plant essences on the planet  - Wisdom of the Earth

We do personal consultations regarding essences to address individual needs and interests.  We help to isolate & focus on health or emotional situations.  We work with hundreds of powerful tree, flower, grass and fruit essences that integrate with our bodies natural intelligence. 




Essences support our individual journeys in our self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness work, and then out to others from a deep heart space. If we can feel our fears and not deny them, we can detach from them.
— Barry Kapp, Wisdom of the Earth